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Period of reincarnation

Aug 13, 1996 09:10 AM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz

> For mr. Bain
> Period of reincarnation

     Appendix to my previous letter on reincarnation:

     "It's hard  to define even the average period of being in
the thin world between the incarnations of the average  cultu-
ral man. It's because of evolution cycles follow in progressi-
on faster and faster, and if in previous race and in beginning
of the  fifth  race the pauses between incarnations were long,
now they are significantly shortened,  and one can  speak  not
about centuries,  but of decades or even few years.  Among the
disciples of great Masters one can also observe very fast  in-
carnations due special reasons - consciousness of humanity ne-
eds immediate advances. ... One can note that this approaching
of fire  energies will allow the worlds draw nearer and people
will get a testimony a many unusual phenomenons of nature.  In
connection with this reincarnations get faster, and the child-
ren remembering their past will appear more  often;  the  past
might be easily verified, because the testimoners of that life
will be still alive."

     (Letters of E.I. Roerich,  17.3.36)

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