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Re: Period of reincarnation

Aug 13, 1996 06:59 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Hi! - I tried to send two files for Konstantin through your e-mail
address (at his request) but both were returned with the error message
"too many hops" - he said that files over 16K he could not receive.

Thank you for the forwarded item below - most interesting.


In message <>, Macnev Uri
<> writes
>* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
>* From : Kay Ziatz
>> For mr. Bain
>> Period of reincarnation
>     Appendix to my previous letter on reincarnation:
>     "It's hard  to define even the average period of being in
>the thin world between the incarnations of the average  cultu-
>ral man. It's because of evolution cycles follow in progressi-
>on faster and faster, and if in previous race and in beginning
>of the  fifth  race the pauses between incarnations were long,
>now they are significantly shortened,  and one can  speak  not
>about centuries,  but of decades or even few years.  Among the
>disciples of great Masters one can also observe very fast  in-
>carnations due special reasons - consciousness of humanity ne-
>eds immediate advances. ... One can note that this approaching
>of fire  energies will allow the worlds draw nearer and people
>will get a testimony a many unusual phenomenons of nature.  In
>connection with this reincarnations get faster, and the child-
>ren remembering their past will appear more  often;  the  past
>might be easily verified, because the testimoners of that life
>will be still alive."
>     (Letters of E.I. Roerich,  17.3.36)

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