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Re: "Theosophist"-- a fighting word

Aug 13, 1996 08:42 AM
by Drpsionic

I agree with what you wrote.  One of the advantages of never having fit in
with anyone in my life is that I had long since given up on the concept of
"belonging" long before I joined the TS and thus never really cared if I was
totally accepted or not.  In fact, when I was more or less accepted I almost
went into shock.
This business of trying to club each other into verbal submission by debating
over who is the true and holy Theosophist accomplishes nothing.  NO one is
persuaded by it and no one is going to change a position in the face of such
behavior.  On the contrary, it only serves to harden the respective
positions.  The result is the inevitable screaming match that seems to be the
bulk of the discourse on this, and most other, lists.
It gets pretty boring after a while.

Chuck the Heretic

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