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Aug 10, 1996 04:41 PM
by Alan

In message <960810204632_74024.3352_BHT155-1@CompuServe.COM>, Keith
Price <> writes
>Some one has pointed about rather strongly, that the First Objective states a
>NUCLEUS of universal brotherhood.  Thus an elitism may be inferred that many are
>called, but few are chosen seem to apply.

Off your original topic, Keith, but worth following up I think.

This aspect of 1st Object has bothered me for some time, and it has also
transferred itself to the TI objectives.  The better approach, IMHO,
would have been to form *nuclei* rather than a single nucleus, in either
version.  Thus there could be any number of (say) TI "nuclear" families
all part of the larger whole, and all interconnected through TI (or TSA,
or whatever).

Then Lodges, branches, meetings, whatever they are called or however
constructed, would be independent in truth, and not only in name ...

This could be a topic for TI-L - anyone care to follow up there?  (cc.
to same).

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