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Appling after listening to VOS

Aug 10, 1996 01:46 PM
by Keith Price

> Keith
> In the QUEST edition of VOS there is an introduction by Boris De Zirkoff. In
> he relates some of the history surrounding its production including:
> "help{ing] students to  transform their thought into action, their
> into compassionate deeds".
The very interesting point that I noticed is that this is the only time
that any reference was made in any literature about any material being
translated from a dravidian language. Also I see the HPB's emphasis on
treatises on morals, and moral principles of the dravidian and mongolian
mystics. The implication as I see it, is perhaps the morals and moral
principles when applied by an individual in his/her day to day living, there
is a transformation in  his/her attitudes and approaches to life and
his/her relationships to  other human beings. A further extrapolation may
lead us to the First  Object - practical Universal Brotherhood in action.

Just a thought.

Keith:  I think (IMHO) it is more than a thought, but the exact point -
practical spirituality.  I have confessed all about my "impure" lifestyle, but
perhaps he that is without karmic impurity should throw the first cyber-stone.
I feel a need TO APPLY occult spiritual principles in my life.  The esteric
section used to provide this function and may still do, but they are of course
ESOTRIC, in the dark closet, so to speak.  Can anybody speak for the ES in an
appropriate exoteric way, of course.

I think the VOS was written for students in the original forerunner of the ES.
History buffs can help here maybe.

Yes, this is here work on doing, rather than thinking  - or  thinking about
doing and thinking about thinking about doing etc and speculating about

Some one has pointed about rather strongly, that the First Objective states a
NUCLEUS of universal brotherhood.  Thus an elitism may be inferred that many are
called, but few are chosen seem to apply.  That a certain worthiness for
spiritual advancesment is paid in the form of humility to the Master's will.

Keith Price

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