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Myalba - Man bearing globe

Aug 10, 1996 01:50 PM
by Keith Price

UY-y to the VOICE of the SILENCE when she writes that we are living on Myalba or hell, the lowest level in the universe.  How can we accept this?  Can we take her at her word?
	Some thoughts: We are on in space and in in time one of the lowest globes in one of the darkest cycles of manifestation and incarnation.  Yet all the talk about the 7 levels, planes, globes, rounds, chains etc give us the occult or indirect awareness from information beyond our physical senses that our feet touch lowest matter and our head (symbolical) reaches to the sky of heaven, nirvana, sammadhi, kether, the ONE.  The seven levels manifested in our body as seven bodies or types of awareness include:

1.  sub organic and organic non-biological physical  and chemical shell - frozen lowest mind locked in the subatomic, atomic and molecular structures - a Cosmos in-itself
2. energy or life body - vegetable body
3.  emotional or animal response body - animal body
4.  analytical mind for survival - practical extroverted sensual - simple human mind
5.  higher mind - introverted and symbolic - logical mind
6. intuitive body really beyond the mind that can sense things from the highest manifested archetypal levels - archetypal mind
7.  spiritual connection to the highest divinity that circulates and sustains all seven bodies including itself.  -  the unmanifest/manifest totality in multiplicity that is NO-thing only YES beyond contridiction but as contridiction to out limited unenlightened awareness.  Upon enlightenment, afte seeking the key to the seven portals, we can no longer see it from below or even above but hold it in a tenuous awareness like a bubble about to burst and carry it carefully, oh so carefully yet it's circumfrence is everywhere and center nowhere.

Thus we live in hell and can feel the accompanying states of :

1. physical pain and death
2. life weakness and disease
3. emotional pain of suffering, loss and sadness
4. frustration of planes no matter how well made
5. inability to synthesize adequately to create any real change in the world process qua world process, but only bring about very localized negentropy to small areas of the system (including our own lives)
6.  The ability to attain blissful states of ecstatic awareness, but often at great cost and rarely for prolonged periods of time (this includes everything from heroin usage to tantric yoga.
7.  absolute dependence of the ultimate Oneness but feeling apart somehow from it as our existential condition of being in a body with 7 levels.

Thus we reach from the lowest hell through the mind to the highest awareness of heaven-like states and beyond to the intuition of the ONE.

HPB's seven portals in the VOS gives many clues, I believe to the avid student to the purpose of being in seven bodies, but being able to travel the paths as in the Kabala, chakra and theosophical symbol systems.

Yes our earth is hell, but not just hell, but a school for those souls encased in seven bodies, seeking freedom from the six lower world.  HPB provides insights into the necessary key to turn the locks of the laya centers to travel and know for ourselves where and who we really are and why we are here.

We seek a perfection on each of the levels.  The illusive and illusory goal seems to be:

1. perfect health - eternal incarnation (Chopra fans live here)
2. perfect physical digestion and a state of vegetative bliss - (Vegans unite, we all need to be plants, some say)
3.  agressive beautifull bodies in an orgy of eating and sex -  animal heaven
4.  a static state of life as we know it - Bougeoise paradise of the eternal family values
5.  logical conclusion - unified field theory that explains everything in the universe in math equations (but why would we the universe, if we had the equations?)
6.  A world of blissful dieties and a heaven with streets paved with gold, spitting water melon seed with the kids throughout eternity.
7.  Unitive awareness - we have it all ready, but have it in a fractured incomplete form which is being revealed slowly, every so SLOWLY to humanity and sometime Quickly in flashes of enlightenment.

I would suggest that the nirmankaya vestiture is necessary for the whole system before the return to oneness.  As long as one sentient being tarries and procrastinates in hell, Jesus will have to descend and the Higher Self will look down as Aviteloskivara, the silent watcher in the ever living Banyan of the world process.

Keith Price

88svatsky provides a key in the glossary to

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