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Choosing our States - Free Will or Illusion

Aug 10, 1996 02:26 PM
by Keith Price

As I study, HPB's VOICE OF THE SILENCE, some themes recur to me again from other
parts of my spiritual search and study and ---life.  We are taugth as children
that if we are "good" we will go to heaven after death and if we are bad, we
will go to hell.  Although many adults say they reject such notions, they seem
to be universal and archetypal in the sense that we are born with images of
heaven or a golden age and the opposite state of seemingly endless pain.
Stanislov Grof has given us  new recent insights into these states as perinatal
or the remeberance of the interuterine bliss and comfort, the contractions as
hell during the birth process and oceanic light as emergence from the womb.  The
tunnel that is visualized in "life after life" near death experiences is
possibly the womb with the physical world at the end as the light and voices of
love or judgement as the doctors and nurses rattling around our mother.  In the
infant's unconscious are coded these states and are attached to later moral and
religious idea.

Almost all religions have hell like states.  The Buddhist's have the hot and
cold hells, the Mayans and native American traditions as well as the Western
tradition from Greek, Roman and Jewish traditiions, have something resembling
HELL although it is quite different from the Christian idea in details, but not
in form of a kind of longing, painful, detached frustrated state of
consciousness.  Theosophy  teaches that after death some people experience the
hell like state of being attached to the earth and unable to fullfill their
animal desires for pleasure.  The shells remain on the astral plane in a type of
limbo or bardo.  This brings us to the Tibetan Book of the Dead idea's of the
hell state appearing shortly before death as the peacful deities and states
become wrathfull as the desire for incarnation increases.

I would like to suggest that hell is indeed our globe earth, but experienced as
the state of frustration, despair and pain in incarnation or while between
incarnations.  The tunnel of light, tunnel of love may or not be the physical
womb, but as below so above so we may travel through so called worm holes or
time tunnels to other man bearing globes sometime called lokas or heaven or
hells. Yet the possiblity and even the probablity is that we are on seven globes
RIGHT NOW and potentially at all times.  We are on the physical globe on the
earth, the life globe of biology, the emotional globe of our emotional
reactions, the mental globe of planning and abstraction, the intuitive globe of
wisdom and the atmic globe of unified Will, Love and WIsdom.

Each globe has its own matter and density and organizing princinple.  We embody
them all and can choose unconsciously and consciously to activate the
"matter-principles" of each globe for our selfish ends or sometimes to the
unified ends of the world-process.  It seem to me that Blavatsky was getting at
some of this to some extent and much, much more.

The seventh globe - principle is Will that moves all, contains all and enlivens
all.  The adjusting of the bodies leads to a spiritual reallignement.  Still we
have free choice withing the limits of our present incarnation.  Yet we are
given the Dharma or duty to allign our bodies in one way or another during
incarnation.  We can focus on the needs of one body or another and give into
addiction or we can allign by controlling them and uniting them with a larger
Will of the world-process.  Perhaps a period of purity, renumciation and
abstinence is necessary, yet at some point there must be action.  To know, to
dare, to will and be silent is the injunction.     All the worlds have maya and
attraction.  We are in deep maya for sure.

Keith Price

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