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Books in ASCII;reply to Konstantin

Aug 10, 1996 03:06 PM
by Martin_Euser

Hi Konstantin,

K> BTW, I have english texts of "Thoughtforms" and some articles by
Sinnett (from a book "Occult essays", 1905) and CWL & AB in ASCII files.
So i can send them to those who collects files like those for WWW sites.

        Well, I'm interested in having a look at this material.
So, can you send me these files? BTW, I saw a scan of some thoughtforms
in Mike Grenier's Theosophy help-file for MS-Windows.

K>IMO, "Thoughtforms" is a nice source material for creating online

        In that case, why don't you send an E-mail to Rene Mueller and ask
him to put it online in his spiritweb archive? His address is:
My personal idea about putting things online is that I need to have some
to the material, through experience and understanding. Since I haven't read
the material and have a limited amount of time to spend on such activities,
I suggest
that you yourself make the necessary effort to get it online (unless some other
wants to do it, of course). But if you need just some incidental help doing that
I might be able to help you a bit.


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