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T.W. Back Issues

Aug 07, 1996 07:31 AM
by uscap9m9

The back issues of THEOSOPHY WORLD, and of the associated
discussion are available online. (Note that this is a completely
independent theosophical project from the theos-l discussion lists
maintained by John Mead.)

To obtain a list of available files, send a message consisting of
"index" to:

Back issues of the discussion are in files of the format


where "YY" is the year and "MM" is the month, like file
"theos-talk.9606" for June 1996. Back issues of the magazine are
in files of the format:


where "YY" and "MM" are again the year and month. The August
issue just came out a few days ago.

To receive a back issue, send a message to "theos-talk-request"
consisting of "get" followed by the name of the desired file,

    get theos-world.9606
    get theos-world.9607
    get theos-world.9608

to get all three back issues. Any file in the archives may be
obtained this way.


Contents of the first three issues are:

June, 1996

> "Looking to the Future" by John Paul Rolston
> "Theosophy in Tibet: The Teachings of the Jonangpa School"
>   by David Reigle
> "The Masters Revealed" by Dara Eklund
> "Ergates: The Energetic Worker" by Rich Taylor
> "Embarking on a New Attempt" by Rodolfo Don
> "The Paracelsian Order" by John H. Drais
> "Theosophy in the Computer Age" by Jerry Hejka-Ekins
> "What Are the Life-Atoms?" by Bee Brown
> "Teaching the Soul Direct" from a conversation between Charles
>   Johnson and Madame Blavatsky
> "Rights, Duties, Privileges" by Henry T. Edge

July, 1996

> "Narada: A Study in The Secret Doctrine" by G. de Purucker
> "Technical Terms in Stanza I" by David Reigle
> "Theosophy: A Living Truth" by Rodolfo Don
> "Current Superstitions" by Dara Eklund
> "Psychic and Spiritual Path" by G. de Purucker
> "The Archetypla Virtue" by B. P. Wadia
> "Transition of Kingdoms on Globe D" by Eldon Tucker
> "HPB In the News Again!" (Anonymous)
> "States of Matter" by Eldon Tucker
> "HPB In Tibet" (Anonymous)
> "Models of Karma" by Eldon Tucker
> "Alexandria West: Open to the Public" (Anonymous)
> "Theosophical Encyclopeadia in Preparation" by Philip Harris

August, 1996

> "Blavatsky Net Goes Online" by Scribe
> "Spiritual Evolution" by Raghavan Iyer
> "Original Edition of 'The Voice of the Silence'" by John H. Drais
> "Appealing to the Higher Nature" by Henry T. Edge
> "Psychic Powers" by Andrew Rooke
> "What if I Met a Master" by Eldon Tucker
> "Once Again Blavatsky Words Are Proven True" by Radda Bai
> "Armageddon" by Mrs. Harry Benjamin
> "PI In Base 12 Notation"
> "Each Member a Center" by William Quan Judge
> "When Our Memory Fails Us" by Eldon Tucker
> "Theosophical Glossary and the Psychic" by Mrs. Harry Benjamin
> "Cycles and the Earth's Core" by Eldon Tucker
> "Monads, Principles, and Sutratmans" by G. de Purucker

THEOSOPHY WORLD is an internet magazine dedicated to the
theosophical philosophy and its practical application in the
modern world.

To submit papers or news items, subscribe, or unsubscribe, write
to (The editoral slant of the
magazine is towards exploring the theosophical philosophy, with
an attempt to keep materials "on topic" and civil in nature. The
associated discussion list is not solely limited to items
appearing in the magazine; it is still experimental in nature and
is subject to change.)

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