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Goodbye James Jungkans

Aug 07, 1996 03:41 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

If you cannot understand that your post below is offensive and
insulting, then there is clearly no point in trying to talk to you
whatsoever, as you clearly wish to "file" my interests, duties and
obligations in a box of your own choosing.  What on earth you mean by
"Ka-Ba-Lah" is beyond me, and the relevance of the number of volumes in
your library escapes me.  OK, you are a very clever fellow.  If you post
remarks to theos-l which I find insulting or offensive, then I am likely
to respond a little angrily.  If you are a theosophist (as expressed by
the three onjects of the T.S.) then you could perhaps show more
"brotherly" feeling, and not seek to provoke another such into engaging
in a dialogue (confrontational, it would seem) with someone who has
expressed the wish NOT to do so.

I am copying this to theos-l to invite the comments of other readers,
which I think is reasonable, under the circumstances.

Alan Bain

In message <>, James S Yungkans
<> writes
>I decided to send a personal E-mail to see if (1) I am already on your
>'Ignore' list, and (2) to determine if you are indeed a Theosophist, as you
>I needn't provide quotes from the last series of post on Theos-L, as both
>you and I are aware of their content, meanings, presupositions.  You seem to
>feel that I am 'Offensive' when I comment on the lack of 'meat' in your
>responses.  This is unfortunate.  At least in the past others have been
>willing to enter into topical discussions, in detail, while on Theos-L (the
>primary example being the current discussion on 'Historic Jesus.'  Why do
>you not wish to post material or discuss topics?  Why do you choose to
>respond agressively rather than constructivly?  If your a theosophist (as
>you claim to be) would you be so kind as to act like one, and not like the
>current administration of the T.S.  I would tend to agree with a statement
>such as that you are a member of a theosophical society, but I would
>definatly state, based upon what I have seen on Theos-L, that you are not a
>Theosophist.  If you disagree with this, read HPB's statements about what
>one is, and tell me where I am mistaken.
>I will point out that I had considered obtaining your text to learn more
>what you views were and where your views orginated.  I have no problem in
>purchasing the works of other Fellows, in fact that forms a major portion of
>my library (which, by the say, exceeds 1000 volumes.)  However, I cannot see
>supporting the actions of an individual who does not share without payment,
>considering himself better than everyone else.  This is a personal view
>which is shared by many root organizations including the founders of the
>T.S., the anthroposophists, and the Max Heindel Rosicrucians.  It is not a
>matter of the purchase of a book, but that of demanding payment for anything
>(and Everything) given. "'No Thoroughfare,' can neither come out of
>[anyones] enclosure to join the Theosophical Society, nor, if he could, has
>[the Society] room for one whose very religion [or philosophy] forbids
>examination.  The very root idea of the Society is FREE and FEARLESS
>investigation." Ponder these words well.  If you are a theosophist, as you
>claim to be, HONOR THEM!
>As you have asked for me not to send for your book, I will honor your request.
>As I do not expect, nor anticipate, any response to this letter, I will
>conclude by stating that my understanding of Ka-Ba-Lah is greater than you
>would enticipate.  And as you said, "We Kabbalists are a close-knit bunch."
>Perhaps you can find your way to being as closely knit when others do not
>agree with your own views.  I fear you may never reach this stage of
>evolution, as you apparently cannot accept diversity within the small
>confines of an E-mail mailing list. The courtesy of a reply is all that this
>letter is meant to be, from one kabalist to another.  If your
>views/actions/beliefs are different than I have stated in my prior Theos-L
>posts, I leave it to you to demonstrate it.
>                           James Scott Yungkans, F.T.S.
>                            Theosophist and Lifetime Fellow,
>                            The Theosophical Society, ADAYR, INDIA

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