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Historic Jesus

Aug 07, 1996 05:06 AM

Referring to star of Bethlehem Ann Bermingham wrote:
>Due to my fiction research, one answer came immediately to mind - a
>spaceship moving under its own power.

But, why didn`t other people follow this spaceship? In accordance with
Matthew only the Magi follow the star. The theory given by Molnar, explain
this part saying that this astronomical phenomena was perceived only by
skillful persons, in this case the Magi, that probably were also astrologers.
My original aim to bring this question, is to show that the wholly story
wrote in Matthew about star of Bethlehem is not so absurd as someone could
deduce from an earlier comment by Jerry:

>In truth, the whole birth story of Jesus in Bethlehem, the star, the census
>and the Magi are presently very much in doubt among the more critical
>eyes of the modern biblical scholars.  These stories are found to
>be contradictory and inconsistent and are suspected of being
>fabricated in order to fulfill OT prophecy.

Surely this passage have also a meaning not so literal, the coming of a
messianic age.


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