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Intuition - Cryptonesia - VOS

Aug 03, 1996 03:38 AM
by Keith Price

While trying to meditate on some of the ideas presented by Blavatsky in the VOS,
I have tried to understand why we focus on the number 7 so much, particularly in
regard to the 7 bodies as evidence of 7 levels of manifestation.

Blavatsky and others spend a great deal of time reiterating the 7 levels from
the microcosm of the individual to the macrocosm of  cosmic evolution.  I have
tried to develop and intuitive approach and try to integrate some of the ideas
and try to understand how they could be put to practical use.

The idea came to me of that the various planes, globes, bodies etc are separated
in the way  white light is separated into the colored spectrum  in a prism.  The
seven colors show how the primal unitive white light is separated in space and
time for our eyes by the prism.  The goal of meditation is to provide a second
prism developed in our own mind that will recombine the colors into white light.
When this happens, we can cross the rainbow bridge or the anathakara into the
higher unitve white light state of consciousness variously described as
sat-chit-ananada, truth (being)- mind and bliss as our real state.

The seven portals, keys, and the golden stairs help create the diamond body that
can recombine the stopped down colors into there higher state of unity..  Thus
it takes a develpment or the uncovering of this inherent faculty through
meditation.  We then have access to akasha, ultimate complete wisdom beyond
verbal thought.  We can travel on the laser light to the universal holographic
mind (to wax in the current jargon).

Ken Wilber talks about the spectrum of consciousness and how our various senses
and mental functions tune into the various levels almost like tuning a radio to
specific frequency.  The chakra system is the center of ancient and modern
attempts to understand our consciousness and linked to various bodies in a
non-mental way that is not centered in the brain or physical nervous system

I realized that I must have heard this before.  I realized that a similar idea
has probably been stated many times.  The cave of shadow in Plato for one.  And
in I believe in Wordsworth, where he talks about the rose window splting the
divine light into many colors. Thus what we take for reincarnation and acces to
akasa may be a form of crytonesia or remembering things we heard or read in some
simpler form.

Many UFO abductions are explained as cryptonesia of 1950's science fiction films
like "Invaders from Mars" etc.  Yet it maybe a truer type of cryptonesia of
actually accesing hidden memories from other levels and even past lives, but in
a "dreamlike" non-objective form.

Thus I am trying to approach the VOS with my intuition open to the poetry of the
notions Blavatsky is expressing regarding her experience with the VOS.  We must
assume that she as experienced for herself or she would not want to write about

Purifying the bodies and travelling through the "laya centers" are critical
states is suggested as a way to reach the higher levels of the VOS.

Keith Price

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