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More on Symbolism in VOS

Aug 03, 1996 03:39 AM
by Keith Price

The 7 levels are all vehicles for the active manifestation of divine will in
very complicated and increasingly emeshed forms which crystalize as frozen
spirit or matter as upadhi or container of the next higher  level and   provide
support for the higher while the higher levels provide more complicated
organization and levels of conscious movement, intention and response.

The levels can be portrayed as both negative for the next higher and positve for
the next lower

+ matter contains energy -
+energy contains life-
+ life contains movement and response-
+response contains emotion-
+emotion contains choice-
+choice contains mind-
+mind contains self-consciousness-
+selfconsciousness contains intuition
+intuition contains spirit
+spirit contains Oneness

Going downward;

Oneness manifests   in spirit+
-spirit manifests   in inintuition+
-intuition manifests in self-consciousness +
-self-consciousness manifests  in mind-
-mind manifests choice and response +
-choice and response manifest in motivation and movement +
-motivation and movement manifest in life+
- life manifests in matter

Though this symbolism may be familiar to the long time student of theosophy, I
thought I might restate it in a  simplified form for the students (like me)
confused by the historical context and Sanskrit (Senzar-inspired) terminology
which the modern student may be loathe to deal with directily.

Thus the VOS is dealing with climbing Golden Stairs of matter into Spirit and
opening  the 7 portal or levels of Human and Cosmic Mind, but does it in
terminology that keeps ISIS (divine wisdom-theo- SOPHIA the goddess of gnostic
wisdom, very well unveiled and wrapped in heavy sometime for me, impenetrable
robes.   Yet it is promised that for the true aspirant - will, love and wisdom
will be revealed, unveiled.

(I think VOS, is an ideal choice for cyber-study.  Can you imagine the logistics
of 5 paragraph posts on ISIS UNVEILED).

Keith PRice

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