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Re: Alan on reincarnation & karma

Aug 03, 1996 04:38 PM
by Martin_Euser

>       Why cannot the (higher) manas within the auric egg (or field of
>consciousness-matter) send out a ray, form a vehicle, for a new

Why not indeed - perhaps it does!  In my own analagous (kabbalist) way
of looking at it I would suspect that higher manas would overlap with
lower buddhi (if that makes any kind of doctrinal sense) :-)

        That makes perfect sense in the G de P model. In his model the planes
of nature overlap or resonate, forming subplanes and even sub-sub-planes.
Higher manas is evolved or given expression to along with lower buddhi.
 I'm getting interested in your kabbalist way of looking:). Seriously, I do
know a little bit of Kabbalah but could use more info on it.

>A>Not to put too fine a point on it, I think they are glamourising their
>findings.  One question here is what do you understand by "astral body?"
>       The kama-manas entity.

Oh dear! I am primarily a Kabbalist - what is a kama-manas entity?

        Alan, I was talking about some spiritualist's descriptions of the
after-life. It looks like many of them say that the human soul, stripped of
its physical body and etheric vehicle (model-body) survives after death
and reincarnates again. Some of the descriptions I've read from them remind
me of the human personality (desire, thinking) stripped from its physical
attributes, hence my designating their 'astral', or, surviving soul, as


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