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Paul's Problems according to Campbell

Aug 03, 1996 11:25 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

        The one that I'd like most to be able to solve:
"Theosophy apttempts to appear as reason, but its central claims are not
fact but belief."
We try to adopt those "ideas", which check out against our experience, and
against what we perceive by our senses ... whatever seems reasonable. That's
a very commonly advised procedure. The problems is, I think, as to what's
included in "our senses". Seems to me, there's a fine line somewhere between
"what we perceive" and "beliefs".
Actually, I myself feel comfortable with just having "beliefs". No
Theosophist is ramming them down my throat... they better not with most of
us ... but instead we can pick & choose the ones that appeal to us. I prefer
to accept "ideas", but I guess I will also accept some well chosen "beliefs"
.. in spite of the fact that Harry warns "don't believe anything. Check it
out." I do try to check it out, but I'm not clairvoyant, so my checking out
is more limited than his was.


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