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Ann's Bailey vs TS

Aug 03, 1996 10:52 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Ann,

To add to your good words, I firmly believe that it's about time to put all
this petty, divisive, in- the- way- of- progress -standing factionalism
behind us, and all of us be able to act together... brotherhood, human
family, nucleus, whatever we are, our beliefs are similar enough to be able
to act together. It's one reason why I joined TI. It's also a reason why I
belong to Dick Slusser Project Outreach, which crosses factional boundaries.
It's also the reason why I regret that Stephan, the Swiss university student
who was a Steiner person disappeared again from theos-l. It's also why I'm
in touch with Konstantin, who is in some way related to the Moscow TS, even
though the latter doesn't belong to Adyar, or to any place else, it seems.
Theosophist is as Theosophist does, whatever the blend.


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