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Paul's Problems according to Campbell, part II

Aug 03, 1996 11:40 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

I pushyed the "send" button too fast

Ideas bneed to be reformulated to speak to the needs of different generations.

I'm in favor of that for a very long time already. It's something I'd like
the TI to do in the worst way. It's also why I like Shirley Nicholson's
writings, and am looking forward to Ed Abdill's videos with study guide on
basic theosoophy. I suspect that John Algeo just did the same thing when he
just revised the Simmonds study guide (however you spell it).

There's a low level of commitment to the TS ... lacks core of socially
bonded members.

The latter seems to be true, most often, except for ES members, and I think
sometimes among study group members. Hq doesn't encourage or enhance
cohesiveness. As to the former, Paul, I think both you and I are witness to
the fact that once it's gotcha, there's a hefty tie, which can last through
years of abuse & alienation. Theosophy, on paper, and as per a very few
impressive live role models, is a beautiful thing to try to live by. So once
you realize what it really can be, you try to live it best you can, even if
the average everyday theosophist that you come across is from hunger.


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