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Re: What's next in the movement

Jul 29, 1996 10:50 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> I sometimes think I owe a greater debt of gratitude to the
> fourth-level-indulging "faithful" who have peopled the TS over the years than
> I do my brother and sister eclectic Truth-Seekers who may be more tempted to
> egoically delude themselves at the fifth or sixth levels. 

As in, "I am my..." what?
 At least the
> Principal Theosophical Philosophy (PTP) has been carried more or less in tact
> to the threshold of the Twenty-First Century.  Without those who have
> religiously swatted every deviational fly with THE SECRET DOCTRINE, there is
> a chance, as Eldon recently said, that the PTP (or did he say ~Theosophy~
> again?) would only be a minor underground rivulet at this point.  

Isn't that the same thing that happened *with* them swatting
all those flies?  If Theosophists for the past century had been
as openly, deeply engaged in dialogue with the leading thinkers
of the day as the Founders were, then the movement would not be
a minor underground rivulet.  


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