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Re: What's next in the movement

Jul 29, 1996 04:31 PM
by RIhle

Richard Ihle writes>>
>> I sometimes think I owe a greater debt of gratitude to the
>> fourth-level-indulging "faithful" who have peopled the TS over the years
>>than I do my brother and sister eclectic Truth-Seekers who may be more
>>tempted to egoically delude themselves at the fifth or sixth levels. 

K. Paul Johnson writes>
>As in, "I am my..." what?

Fifth-Level:  "I am my dispassionate knowledge, information, idea, or mental

The difference between a desire-mental (kama-manas) and a mental (manas)
ego-formation is simply that the content of the latter is not tainted by
like/dislike or ulterior impulse of a lower nature.  Of course, the same
thought--e.g., "Wonder-working Masters really do exist"--may temporarily come
into being on either level ("egoic stratum"); however, for the manas
ego-formation, it is just a matter of fact or logical conclusion . . .
 whereas for kama-manas the ego-formation owes its existence and is at least
partially shaped by something else--perhaps the desire to feel like a "chosen
person," as you said, or gather disciples, or hold office in the TS, etc.

Sixth Level:  "I am my Knowing which precedes even dispassionate knowledge,
information, idea, or mental process." 

Those who are not lurking on medit-l, unfortunately missed a good example of
this with the "kicking over the water jar" story which illustrated how the
jet of ~immediate apprehension~ really flies over well before the "vapor
trail" of naming or other symbolic correletive gets a chance to form.

>Isn't that [the PTP becoming a minor underground rivulet] the same thing
that >happened *with* them swatting all those flies?  If Theosophists for the
past century >had been as openly, deeply engaged in dialogue with the leading
thinkers of the day >as the Founders were, then the movement would not be a
minor underground rivulet.

Yes, I agree.

On the other hand, I don't believe the "movement" has a prayer anyway if it
just plans to go ~thinking~ its way into the Twenty-First Century.  Neither
do I believe it will profit much from any New Age re-hashes of Old Age
developmental and magical technique.

Everything which I have written in the foregoing and which may or may not be
true about kama-manas etc. is likely to be important for an aspirant, because
little, it seems to me, can be accomplished until one starts recognizing--and
keeping the Once-Removed-Vantage upon--the ever-changing myriad of
ego-formations which come and go and delude as they come and go.  However, I
am convinced that a very sizeable percentage of people--and most without
benefit of any special terminology whatever--are already quite practiced in
this, at least at the less-rarefied levels.

No, if the Theosophical Movement is to take off again, it will only be, in my
opinion, because a ~new, simple, practical, easily practiced developmental
technique~ suddenly becomes suggested by the Psychogenetic component of the
PTP.  One that is just a toenail in advance of existing meditation,
visualization, self-affirmation etc. approaches.  Undoubtedly like you, Jerry
Schueler, and many others on theos-l, I have my own very "hot prospect" in
mind right at this very moment.  If I can make it work without losing my toe,
I will share it sooner or later. . . .


Richard Ihle

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