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Re: Uncola

Jul 29, 1996 09:42 AM
by Frank J. Dyer

Frank wrote re wicca, tarot, etc. (lower forms of occultism):

>Notice that I do not condemn such activities; they can be valuable in imparting
>a curiosity about higher forms of esotericism. But they cannnot substitute for
>the deeper teachings. It has nothing to do with brotherhood. It is simply a

Ann replied:

>It may be a fact that a person has two noses, but it would not be kind >or
>to point it out.

>- Ann E. Bermingham

If someone interested in tarot, channeling, etc. asks us about Theosophy or the
TS, I would certainly not advocate telling that person that their present
interests are inappropriate. But I would clearly state that Theosophy requires
effort, persistence, and some background if the seeker is to get anything out of
it. I would add that the effort is very amply rewarded, although the process is
not an easy one. I think that it would be less than compassionate to give a
sincere seeker the impression that the more pop culture, mechanical methods
purporting to further development can be equated with Theosophy. 

If we want to attract to the movement persons who are capable of assimilating
these teachings, then we should not shy away from characterizing them
accurately. What we now have in effect is the operation of Gresham's Law:
debased coinage drives good coinage out of circulation. There is so much junk
out there claiming the attention of seekers that the good stuff is gettng
drowned out. OTOH, not everybody can appreciate the good stuff; so let's gear
our efforts to those who can. 

I would much rather be accused of arrogance than naivete.


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