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The Uncola

Jul 29, 1996 09:42 AM
by Frank J. Dyer

Jerry S. wrote:
>	Frank, this is not only arrogant, as but misguided.  "crystals,
>tarot, and rituals" are all techniques.  You are comparing techniques
>to "deeper teachings."  This is like saying that soup is better than
>a spoon.  But without the spoon, how does one taste the soup? The 
>"fact" of the matter is, rituals and crystals can be used to directly 
>experience those "deeper teachings" that otherwise remain
>just mental gymnastics.

I think that one can access the profundity of Theosophical teachings in a
meaningful, personal, noetic way without the use of rituals or crystals. In
fact, HPB was decidedly against the use of magickal ritual, stating that it was
dangerous. I would hardly characterize the TS teachings as "mental gymnastics",
although it is entirely possible to pervert them in this manner by arguing over
nuances as though they were dogma of some kind demanding  an orthodox
recitation. Of course, that is not what they are at all. Sometimes I wonder
whether we, collectively, realize just what it is that has been entrusted to us
and what use we are to make of it.

Anyway, my point is that there are many individuals out there who do not know
that there is any soup to be had and are merely chewing on the spoon. I suppose
that this affords them some gratification. But they would be much more nourished
if some Theosophist were to inform them that the spoon can be used for something
palatable. Maybe they would even acquire a taste for soup. But there will always
(in this manvantara at least) be some who will prefer to scarf down those greasy
Mc D's and french fries or just chew the spoon. 


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