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Various points re:VOS

Jul 29, 1996 09:41 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

To Kim--
You seem to assume, in talking of "the" source of "the" book,
that it is a unitary text of single origin.  From my
examination of it, fragment 1 appears to be Hindu and not very
old; the meditation technique is linked to Sikh and Radhasoami
doctrines that are found slightly earlier than Nanak but not
much.  Whereas the second two fragments are clearly of Buddhist
origin. (How accurately reproduced is unknown.)  I'll post the
parallels of fragment 1 to RS separately.

To John re Kiu-te--
It has been several years since David Reigle published his
study linking this to the Tibetan Kalachakra Tantra, using
etymological clues.  But so far no one has found any parallel
texts, and until they do Theosophists can hardly regard the
question as settled.  (Maybe they have been found, but not

To Keith--
I humbly suggest that when people talk about "losing it" they
generally mean losing the control of the ego over the id, or
the manas over the lower vehicles, etc.  Since most people are
not aware of any connection to something higher than the mind,
they cannot be aware of "losing it."  It is lost to begin
with.  But I like your concept.

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