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Re: Full Moon (to Keith)

Jul 29, 1996 05:14 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>And while we are on impurity, did anyone attending summer school hear that
>computers are being pushed by the Kern people, leading to  Olcott and possibly
>Adyar invaded by the impurity of the organs of cyber-space, against the will of
>some our leader possibly.    Maybe the 'impurity" will create a ferilization
>release from the sterility of the past.

While I was not in summer school this year, for various reasons, this is the
story I remember from last year.  I was told Dorothy Abbenhouse hated computers
so much that she banned them from Olcott.  When John Algeo took office as
president, they began to pop up everywhere in that wonderful old building.  I
believe many are custom-made by someone that works at Olcott because it is
cheaper to build them from components rather than buy them off the shelf.  How
do I know this?  My husband has built four so far.

The library is in the process of moving from the card catalog system to having
all the titles stored in a computer database, but typing all those titles is
slow and there is a staffing problem right now.

Anyone have anything to add to this?

-Ann E. Bermingham 

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