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TI Web Site (was TI - an Addition)

Jul 29, 1996 05:02 AM
by Michelle Donald

> Responding to Alan
and Liesel and John and Murray and lurkers.....

Hi I've been away for quite a while then busy catching up, so finally got 
some time again. So Hello again everyone.

--------- BIG SNIP ----------------

Well done Murray - takes me back to that Education Committee...

> If we add those to JRC's diagram of the links, it would look something like
> this:
>    __________________________________________________________________
>   |                    |                         |                   |
>   |         The        |          Join           |     Contact a     |
>   |    Three Objects   | Theosophy International |     TI Member     |
>   |____________________|_________________________|___________________|      
>   |                    |                         |                   |
>   |     The History    |      Links to other     |     Theosophy     |
>   |         of         |       Theosophical      |   International   |
>   |      Theosophy     |  People & Organizations | Projects & Essays |
>   |____________________|_________________________|___________________|
>   |                    |                         |                   |
>   |   What's Cooking   |     News and Events     |    People Talk    |
>   |    on Theos-XXX    |                         |                   |
>   |____________________|_________________________|___________________|

I would be happy to put some things together about links to other TS 
orgainizations. Been wanting to put this somewhere for ages - I would 
like to make sure we inlude contact details of Orgs and Sections not 
currently online as well as links to those that are - Is this what 
others have in mind or does the TI site want to have live links only?

Seems to me TI would be the only place that would show all other 
TS orgs regardless of flavour. A great place then for folk all over 
the world to get in touch with their closest group/branch what ever, 
for when they wish to meet in the flesh rather than in cyberspace.

If putting non live links is OK it would take a few weeks to gather 
all the information. I can write HTML so would be able to give you 
final copy.

BTW who is going to upload the pages set the privls etc... Also would 
the text and layout need to be placed here first for consensus 

> How about asking people who have already run a theosophical web site, like
> Paul Gillingwater? Their experience could be very valuable. Are you reading
> this, Paul?

I doubt that Paul would have read to the bottom of this - might I 
suggest you email him directly???

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