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Re: What's next in the movement, Round 2

Jul 29, 1996 04:41 AM
by Sy Ginsburg

James S. Youngkans writes,

"I also heard of a meeting in Florida, whose entire membership might transfer
based on the above (If they aren't members already). Sounds to me like the glove
has been dropped, wouldn't you say?"

If James is referring to The Theosophical Society in Miami & South Florida, I
can tell you that the above is incorrect.  However, there are those of us who
are members of TS Miami & South Florida in addition to other theosophists from
other locations  who believe there is a serious problem.  It is with profound
concern that we have observed recent actions taken by officers of the Society on
both International and National (in America) levels to restrict or expel members
of national sections and lodges or branches thereof in an apparent effort to
disallow what we believe are authorized and proper pursuits of Truth and the
declared Objects of the Society.

A group of us have arranged a meeting over a weekend on Saturday, Oct. 5, 1996,
to discuss this problem further, to reaffirm our unreserved and enthusiastic
sympathy with the declared Objects of the Theosophical Society, and to pledge
our mutual friendship and assistance.

This meeting at a central location in the United States (St. Louis), is open to
all theosophists and theosophical organizations.  If you would like an
invitation and information, please E-mail or otherwise send to me your name and
mailing address, and I will forward this information to you.

We can serve as a nucleus to protect and defend the declared Objects, and to
make certain that our voices are heard throughout the theosophical movement.
But for this to happen, those of us who care must be willing to make effort.

Sy Ginsburg, Director at Large
The Theosophical Society in Miami & South Florida
340 Sunset Drive, #1811
Fort Lauderdale, FL . 33301
Tel: 954-463-8900
Fax: 954-463-8989
Email: 72724,

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