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The Uncola

Jul 28, 1996 09:34 AM
by Frank J. Dyer

Frank wrote:

>There are certainly many other New Age type
>activities that those who are not presently ready can engage in so that at some
>point in the future they will be able to differentiate between spiritual
>and teachings that have real substance.

Ann replied:

>This smacks of an arrogance that has no place next to brotherhood.  >Although
>may be true, it is best left unspoken. 

Hmmmph. I feel that the TS should sharply distinguish itself from other groups
or systems that stress crystals, tarot, magickal rituals, and similar practices.
Notice that I do not condemn such activities; they can be valuable in imparting
a curiosity about higher forms of esotericism. But they cannnot substitute for
the deeper teachings. It has nothing to do with brotherhood. It is simply a

You may recall an old Seven-Up ad campaign that stressed the theme "Wet and
Wild". As jazzy as this campaign was, it did not capture market share away from
Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, and the other colas that dominated. When the company
scrapped the Wet and Wild theme and replaced it with a new campaign featuring
"Seven-Up, the Uncola", sales increased dramatically. Technically called product
positioning, this strategy differentiated Seven-Up from the pack by accentuating
the feature that made it unique. It is not a cola. 

The TS should follow this strategy. Theosophy is not a cola! It appeals to
people who have an interest in psychology or philosophy and are generally more
educated than crystal wearing wiccans. It should not try to be all things to all
seekers. This should not be left unspoken, IMAO.


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