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Re: The Uncola

Jul 29, 1996 07:14 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Eldon B. Tucker:
> The only problem is when a T.S. fills up with people with no interest in 
> esotericism, but are rather inclined to reject it as "pompous elitism", and
> under the freedom of belief in a T.S. advocate an "anything goes" style of
> belief. Then Theosophy, as a body of occult doctrines and specific spiritual
> practices ends up going underground in the very organizations that were
> founded to promote it.

"The only problem" huh?  Eldon, this is an extreme example of
what I was talking about a couple of weeks ago: the tendency of
you "true believer" types to concentrate *all* the blame
for *everything* wrong with the movement on those *you* consider
"lukewarm" and deserving of repetitious condemnation.  You don't come
right out and say it, but you might as well:  "Thank God I am
not like other people; if everyone were like me there would be
*no problems* in the Theosophical movement."  If you can't get over that
attitude, can you at least stop expressing it so shamelessly?
It's a very untheosophical attitude.

Your words reek with contempt for your fellow Theosophists.  No
interest in esotericism?  Get real!  Just no interest in the
version thereof propagated by the ES and its various formal and
informal heirs.  Everyone I know in any TS is strongly
interested in esotericism!  The majority are not at all
interested in *dogmatism* and *elitism* both of which keep
getting crammed down our throats by the true believers that control
everything in the movement.

Forced to go underground in every organization?  That's absolutely
preposterous.  Show me a single instance in which either the ULT or the
Pasadena TS has forced members focused on "core" doctrines and
practices to go underground.  Show me a single instance in
which the Adyar TS has deviated in recent years from the path
of steadily increasing insistence on the authority of the core
doctrines, and steadily increasing pressure to expel or make
unwelcome those who do not agree with that tendency.
Geez!  You guys are in total, absolute control of every
Theosophical organization.  Your view is the only one allowed
in any of the periodicals, at least in the US.  (The Quest has
many non-Theosophical articles, but *never* any that question
or reevaluate anything considered fundamental by the TSA
fundamentalists.)  No one outside your circle of ultraorthodox
Theosophists has any real influence on anything in the
movement, and yet you *still* persist in blaming the
insufficiently-orthodox for the *only* problem in the
movement-- which is their very existence.
> But what if the coke and pepsi drinkers outnumber those for the sevenup in
> the T.S.?
Make them feel totally unwelcome by constantly harping on how
superior you are to them!  That should solve the problem

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