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Myalba - Heaven or Hell or Both and All

Jul 28, 1996 10:11 PM
by Keith Price

In the glossary to VOICE OF THE SILENCE appears:

. (35) Myalba is our
earth --pertinently called "hell", and the greatest of all hells,
by the esoteric school. The esoteric doctrine knows of no hell, or
place of punishment, other than a man-bearing planet or earth.
Avitchi is a state, and not a locality.


I think this is a little discussed "doctrine" in the goody-goody neo-platonic
tradition of some theosophists.  Bing Escudero had a "debate" on a plane with a
fundamentalists precher and had him convinced that there is no place lower than
earth, because if we could imagine it we would be there!  I think there is a lot
of food for thought in this short glossary entry.  Our man-bearing globe,
designated globe D in the SD and malkuth (kingdom) in the Kabalistic tradition
represent a manifested "hell".    Qlippoth seems to be sort of inverse reflected
Sephira or consciouness states associated a negative state of consciousness to
every positive divine Sephiroth - a kind of avichi and repository for the dregs
and laggards of each globe still struggling to influence evolution.  The other
globes and Sephira  are  not perfect, but more "spiritual" infused.  Matter
seems to be densest and most powerful in the place we share together at this
minute.  Suppposedly men-like entities exist on Venus, Mars and the moon, but we
cannot see them because we are not in synch with them.  They are in a type of
parallel mode to our globe and humanity will progress to other man-bearing
globes and the laggard will be left behing when the "door is closed"

Avitichi is not a globe but a state of utter depravity, selfishness and
separation from the Will, Love and WIsdom of the Logoi.  The black magician
creates his own waveless state at the opposite pole of nirvana which is
portrayed more as a kind of perpetual motion machine self-contained, in perfect
unitive bliss of Kether/Nirvana/Heavan.

The 8th globe of Purucker doesn't appear that often in the literature, but is
very provocative also.

I am posting this to theos-l as I think it goes beyong the discussion of the VOS
to some very dirrect concerns  expressed again and again on theos-l about
supposed "core teachings". Dear Eldon can we make Mylba into a heaven?

In the Golden Dawn tradition, the earth, malkuth is portrayed as a kind of dusky
color of olive, brown, marron and grey as a sort of mixture of the pure colors
of the other Sephia in a murky turmoil.  The cosmic Christ is crucified on the
Auric Tree of Life.  Tipereth beats with the divine energy of the sun providing
a flow of waves of fluidic energy of sustanence and creative  energy sometime
calld kundalini or Fohat perhaps. The paths are the Ida, Pingala and Sushuma
After Daath or the anatakarana is passed the goal is seen and the thousand petal
lotus blooms again in our activated third eye/pineal gland as
kether/heaven/nirvana, I would suggest.    

I don't know about you, but I getting hungry for a  veggie svabahva burger about
now :)

Keith Price

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