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Full Moon in Aquaraius meditation - Impure TS Yoga??

Jul 28, 1996 10:11 PM
by Keith Price

The moon is approaching full in aquarius opppostion to sun in Leo.  The Alice
Bailey esoteric meaning of Leo is I am THAT and THAT I am.  Aquarius is Water of
Life I am poured forth for thirsty men.  As we link with mediators around the
world we link withe astral waters, the electirc vibrations the etheric fluids of
creativity eminent in the Heirarchy and flowing through us in meditation on an
individual and group level, I hope.

Thus  th creative Heirarchy becomes active in us as a Guardian Wall of Humanity
and Masters linked for the purpose of cosmic evolution and protection against
the forces of chaos, sometime hidden but now exposed from the subatomic to the
virus to the terrorism manifestations.  The mediations at the full moon revivify
our immune systems and the immune system of the planet being attacked by the
Brothers of the Shadow encapsuled in bombs and HIV viruses exploding to bring
down the work of the Heirarchy  but the forces of light are quick to limit there
effects and sweep clean the debris from the planet and bring the scales of karma
into balance as above so below, as in the individual so in the global and

Lead us and the planet into the Heart of love and hope of the Solar Logos
-wordless word, soundless voice of creation!

Many planets remain retrograde making this a time of house cleaning on all
levels before progress can be directly continued on the outter planes, I guess.

As far a meditaion goes, I am notincing a great deal of scintilantions  in my
physcial body and jerking movements in my limbs.  I think this is symbolic of
thunder and earthquake like movements in Gaia, our mother womb.  The fog of the
ego becomes lifted and I fly through the clear skys of spirit refreshed like an
eagle soaring.  I do not know if theosophy or TS yoga would think this impure.
As the body and mind are supposed to be be risen above in the raja tradition,
but the vehicles should be alligned for true use of will when all the 7 yogas of
the seven levels allow the linking or yoking to the evolutionary guiding

And while we are on impurity, did anyone attending summer school hear that
computers are being pushed by the Kern people, leading to  Olcott and possibly
Adyar invaded by the impurity of the organs of cyber-space, against the will of
some our leader possibly.    Maybe the 'impurity" will create a ferilization and
release from the sterility of the past.  Karma seems to demand movement while
hating it.  Karma seeks the balance of the next higher level, Chaos seeks the
balance of the lower level yet sometime creates a quatumn leap according to
some.  There is only one Will, I can cooperate or provide the friction necessary
for the operation of the wheels perhaps.  Involvement in the world process seems
not to be the  choice, direction is.

Keith Price

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