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Full moon in Leo

Jul 28, 1996 04:51 PM
by Jim Meier

A full moon with the sun in Leo occurs this Tuesday morning, July 30 at
06:36am EST (10:36am GMT)

Leo is the 5th of the 12 labors of Hercules, and one of the best known: the
slaying of the lion.  The great Nemean lion had terrorized the people of
Nemea, devouring many, and none could withstand him.  Hercules tracked the
lion to his cave and, dropping all his weapons, faced the lion directly and
strangled him with his hands.

Leo is the sign of the Sun, the "will-ful" sign.  At first it is the
personal and selfish little will, but the polar opposite of Leo is Aquarius
and at the end of the labor that begins in Leo the disciple can say "Not my
will but Thy Will" be done.  In the first labor of Aires, the beginnings of
mental control were established.  In Taurus, the lower/animal nature was
disciplined.  In Gemini, Hercules first makes contact with the higher Self
and learns the duality of soul and body.  In Cancer, Hercules learns that
intuition must direct the intellect (and that intuition must be sought over
and over again).  Now, in Leo the "actual work" of discipleship begins, as
Hercules struggles and subdues the lion, the powerful self that has brought
so much damage and suffering to those in need.

A group meditation on "Letting in the Light" will be held Monday evening at
7pm EST, with the theme of the energies available in Leo.  

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