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RE: VOS origins (Kim and John Mead)

Jul 28, 1996 01:05 PM
by Keith Price

  In a future post would like to add a few extracts from the 
Mahayanasutralamkara of Asanga and a commentary upon it, all of them 
interesting and some of them strongly supportive of the claim that the VOS 
has a yogacharya origin.

I look forward to this discussion as I am somewhat confused by Blavatsky's
seeming preference for yogacharya as opposed to madyamika (the middle way).
This is NOT my strong point, but what I am tempted to think is that yogacharya
is more ascetic about killing out the senses and enfolding one's "True Self" in
the atma-buddhi as opposed to the less ascetic middle way of madymika which
suggest nothing in excess even "spirituality". I think this is a  major theme
for modern readers and KPaul has already brought it up.

Also John Mead wanted to know about the existence of the physical tablets of the
"Kiu-Ti".   If anybody knows the latest on this, I would like to know also.  I
have heard that they are in some library, according to Bing Escuedero and are
under another name.  He asked the Dali Lama about them.  I think he saw some
Buddhist monks at the library where they were at.  I am sure someone knows more.
I also assume that the inablility to produce these tablets in one of the major
reasons why Blavatsky's work is not taken seriously by academics in archeology,
philology and other disciplines,  for expample.

Keith Price

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