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Not losing it - What is it?

Jul 28, 1996 12:15 PM
by Keith Price

Keith:  While concentrating on the voice while doing menial everyday tasks I
was amazingly productive.  I saw my machine like movements as a ritual to the
>envocation of the VOICE in every little action.  Every little action became a
>sacred hatha yoga.  
>I felt a new connection to those around me.  I felt linked to the study of the
>VOICE in a new way.  By the way, the mail-out was finished in record time and
>amazed everyone who from past experience expected it to last much longer

I have found this approach can have remarkable success.  It does not
seem to matter whether I link it to a specific idea (like VOS) or not.
It is the *practice* of performing everyday, repetitive tasks with a
*spiritual* intent that does the trick.  The common factor is the record
speed in which the menial task is completed - and usually very well!

Have a connection to a Higher Self, Higher Power, Inner Master, is seems is
essential for right thought, right action, right feelings etc.  When one is not
connected it is easy to get into selfish anger type reactions, depression,
self-pity or egotistical grandiosity. (IN MY HUMBLE EXPERIENCE)

In American slang, we have the expressions: "I lost it!, Don't lose it, I am
goint to lose it, I am losing it etc."  What is it?   It seems to be the
connection with the higher self that allows action in poise ,serenity, and
connection to an inner guidance.  Christiams would call it the Holy Spirit.
Blavatsky seems to call it the Voice of the Silence.

I have noticed that spiritual people are supposed to be always calm and cool
even in emergencies.  Yet Jesus overthrew the moneychangers and Buddha showed a
lot of  pevishness about certain spiritual paths such as acestism and
overindulgence,  coming finally to the middle way of a flexible bow that bends,
but does not break.  

How do you keep your spiritual connection during the day in all the little
frustrations that make up everyday life?  It seems like being "professional" is
our modern euphimism for being "spiritual" in that one is not allowed to express
anger directly, but always how compassion.  If one loses it and call the boss a
____, one can be written up for disciplinary action for not being professional
as if the corporation was some king of monastary which is some ways it resembles
although the goal is material progress and profit rather than community service
in the form of personal spiritual growth.  Although corporations allow a great
opportunity for spiritual growth and new age seminars seem all the fad at some
companies like Microsoft, I think>

	Are you growning with the corporation as a spiritual entitity?

Keith PRice

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