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Re: To Eldon Re: The MLs

Jul 28, 1996 11:37 AM
by Jerry Schueler


I enjoyed your response to Paul and your attempt to defend the
MLs.  I actually agree with you for the most part.  Some quick things:
   I believe that the MLs say that the sun is not in combustion.  This
is a remarkable statement coming from last century.  The MLs also
say that some suns or planets will be heard before they are seen,
and this too has come true.   
   While I agree that science has proved some of the MLs right, it has
also proved some to be wrong, which is about right for predictions
(the future is a world of probabilities, and not even an Adept can always
be sure of what will happen).  However, as a long-time student of
Tibetan Buddhism, I find most of the MLs to be accurate, with only
a few slips, probably due to the languages during translation to
English.  Good essay.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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