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Re: Historic Jesus(reply to Dr. Alan Bain]

Jul 26, 1996 04:39 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
>I already presented some material that is in contrast with orthodox 
>thought. For instance,in my last text I referred that some books were 
>refused in synod of Laodicea, and even the orthodox Eusebius, considered 
>as disputed writings: Revelations, epistle of James, Jude, second epistle 
>of Peter, and second of John, all of these considered canonical today.
This is correct information, but how is it revelevant to Unveiled Isis?
The Aramaic-speaking Church of the East still excludes the above books,
except James.  They also exclude 3 John.  The Aramaic Peshitta text
omits the greetings from Babylon at the end of 1 Peter, but this is
Christian history or doctrinal discussion, not theosophy.

>My aim is to obtain new knowledge, new references, discuss some point of
>views that probably are different from mine. So I would like that you give
>me historic references. I am open to this dialog, even knowing that maybe 
>I am discussing with non-christians.

Are you able to check the sources that Blavatsky mentions in "Isis"?
>I have no more words to say. I hope that had become clear that is not my
>intention to [support particular sectarian doctrines], but only to discuss
>about questions that arose when reading Unveiled Isis.

Your postings do not make this clear (to me).  Others seem to be helping
you though, so I will remain in the background!

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