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Jul 26, 1996 05:49 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>I can forgive an individual for moments of weakness.  Even I have and I'm the
>World Teacher (hell, everyone else claims to be, why not go for the money?:-)
>:-)).  But seriously, it's the idea that people are supposed to be weak that
>makes we want to puke everytime someone brings up the Sermon on the Mount.

That's because you read English translations, and need to do more
research.  For example, there is a view, which merits some attention,
that "The Meek" who shall inherit the earth is sectarian code for the
members of the "Jesus Sect" at the time.

> Crucifixion was too good for anyone spouting that garbage.

Crucifixion is a horrible death, especially suitable (so they said) for
heretics ...

>I'm surprised you don't know who Nero was.  He was the Roman Emperor who
>tried to wipe out the Xtians and did not succeed.  He also invented urban
>renewal, fiddling while the city burned (the Xtians started the fire, no
>matter what anyone says!  There was this Xtian name Olearius, and he had this

No one knows for sure who started the fire, including you.  The prime
suspect remains Nero, albeit indirectly.
>Chuck the Heretic

.. who advocates crucifying and burning large numbers of people to
death.  The Nazis used gas ovens - maybe you would like to start a
program for the use of these in the USA to dispose of the unnamed
millions on your hit list?

Alan :-(
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