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Re: Core Teaching from a silent voice

Jul 24, 1996 01:06 PM
by Kim Poulsen

First, many apologies for my delayed response to this post (and others), I 
have been away and am catching up on my mail.

>I'm trying to follow all these arguments about "Core Teachings."  why is 
>that with all the information studied and brainpower exerted over the
>writings of "Theosophists", no-one seems to utilize "Comparative Religion"
>to prove/disprove the writings of these "Theosophists?"

  First let me explain that I was a "comparative religionist" before being 
acquainted with theosophy and that I share your angle completely.
  The problem arises, however, in a discussion, when the parts disagree as 
to what is authoritative teachings on these matters - and I am still 
chewing on this problem.

>It would seem to me that if one would study the Vedas, and/or other
>scriptures before arguing about who is right or wrong, we would get much

   I am afraid that we would probably have to skip the argument. It has 
recently dawned on me that a great percentage of theosophists have little 
or no interest in ancient writings. As much as I would like a greater body 
of teachings to settle various controversial points, I still feel such a 
case utopical.
  Back to your comment - yes, I feel too that we all would get further by 
using the model for comparative religion outlined by HPB - the terminology, 
the style of translation, the whole system of thought itself - and employ 
it to other writings. It would take a few good men (m/f) and a great amount 
of work though.

>....but we have not pursued research comparing the contents of those 
>discoveries with the details given in SD.  Maybe I'm mistaken but there 
>seems to be a Massive gap here that we should fill?

  A massive gap indeed. I have decided to give this line of study a try 
myself, and the results are fascinating. The other day I finished 
transliterating the Mandukya karika of Gaudapada (Shankara's teachers 
teacher) to faciliate word-searches, and explanations and definitions of 
words like Adi-Buddha, Svabhavat, Paramartha and Paratantra kept popping 
up. Thousands of MSS. like this have never been examined and translated 
from a theosophical angle, and there lies millions of man-hours in wait for 
interested students.
   Also, work along these lines may attract a few talented buddhists or 
advaita vedantins to theosophy and possibly fill a gap or two.
   It is the greatest of mysteries to me that theosophy has existed for 120 
years with no serious attempts towards analyzing the ancient ideas treated 
of by HPB.

   Thank your for your no longer silent voicing, I enjoyed it!

In friendship,


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