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Re: Olcott and Babe the pig

Jul 18, 1996 08:44 PM
by Bee Brown

Shaman wrote:
> ...[chuck writes]...
> > >Tonight's entertainment was a thing by John about spiritual stuff in movies.
> > >. . . He included . . . a movie about a talking pig.
> ..[and ann replies]...
> >
> > That's no ordinary talking pig - that's Babe!  I loved that film and highly
> > recommend to anyone, no matter what their age.  I thought it was positively
> > inspired.
> ..[and bcs pipes in]...
> I likewise liked it...although the message was kind of -- well --
> Fulghumesque.
> *BUT* -- how about Powder and Phenomenon? Anyone see those movies
> yet?

I have seen Babe and loved it and also Powder. I went to see it with some 
friends who are not into otherworldy stuff and try to ignore my theosophical 
leanings. I could almost hear their brains working overtime with the ideas 
presented. Just the sort of thing needed. I think in the end they chose to 
see it as just another science fiction, to be enjoyed and forgotten.
> bcs
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