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Why this body, planet etc.?

Jul 22, 1996 09:53 PM
by Keith Price

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>Another assertion?  If true, why here and not Planet X?  Why a planet at
>all?  What happens when this one stops?

	Alan, not an assertion, but a conclusion that is derived
from my definition of "monad."  I see self-creativity and self-
expression as inherent in every monad.  This is based on experience
as well as reading (for example, Kephera and Tmu were both said
to have self-manifested) and I feel strongly that the psychological
archetypal Self (inner divine spark)  is self-manifested.  The only 
other option is to believe in a God who forces us into manifestation,
and I find this idea repulsive.
	We will all get to "Planet X" in good time.  Your last 
question is like "why is the sky blue" or "why is there life?" which
have no definitive answers to them except "because."
	When in spacetime, we all have to be somewhere,
and Earth is as good as any.  However, I believe that there
are countless other solar systems available to us as well, 
and we tend to gravitate to those we feel an affinity (karma?)

Jerry S.
Member, TI

The question I have had since I was a small child is: "why am I me and not you
or someone else?"  This may seem a trivial question, but if your think about all
the notions of mind, brain, soul, spirit, monad, consciouness, ego and all the
explanations of the subjective experince I am talking about when I say  "I am",
how did I get into this specific limited bodily expression.  I have always felt
something unexplainably peculiar about why I am looking out of my eyes at you,
instead of you looking out of your eyes at "me".  Here we get into a mirror game
of infinite regress, where I am looking at you looking at me knowing I am
looking and you knowing you are knowing about me knowing I am knowing  I am
looking ........

So why I am in this particular incarnation, this extreme localization of
consciousness in a very limited animal body, but with a very large capacity to
imagine various realms of which I have never seen with the physical senses.
Was I free angelic spirit soaring free from world to world before I was born.
Why was I draw to this incarnation?  Was there a random factor?  If it is
random, am I responsible?   Somebody had to inhabit this body?  How does the DNA
biological process allow for a being that can say "I am me and not you."  In
coming more spiritually conscious we may discover the answers such as the monad
idea or reincarnating according to karmic lessons needed from traits aquired in
past lives?  Yet we also realize the limitations of these theories and the
mystery of "I am" is flooded by a million self-centered descisions.  A few
glimpse the unitive consciousness promised by meditation, nirvana and

If I am the spark of the flame, if I was and am a free angelic being, why would
I choose this?  Is this the best I can do with the present development possible
on this globe.  Are we being swept to some Omega Point of Eternal Return.
Nietsche, who is rarely taken seriously nowadays, had the idea of Eternal
Return.  That time repeats itself over and over and we will live this life an
infinite number or times.  This is used in his system to force us to make
existential choices and really decide what we would do if we had to do it an
infintie number of times and not wait for the manana of countless future lives
or the pie in the sky of heaven or the blown outness of nirvana.   I am glad
some have made up their minds.  I wish I could.  Right now I am holding with the
idea that evolution upward is the bounce after the descent into matter and that
we gain self-knowledge of our connection  to the One and return to it knowing
ourselves for the first time (to paraphrase T.S. Elliot).

Keith Price

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