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Atlantis et al.

Jul 22, 1996 06:45 PM
by Paul M.M. Kieniewicz

Hi Eldon -- it's a while since we met in California under the great pine trees! 

Some words regarding your reply and K. Paul's on Atlantis. I have been
involved in my job in the task of reconstructing the history of the North
Atlantic since the late Cretaceous. One rather powerful tool is the new
gravity map of the world released by the Dept. of Defense. "Discover"
magazine had a feature on it last March (?). The map gives you a picture of
the Earth's oceans with a resolution better than 20 km. You can trace
continental spreading since the late Cretaceous on that map - the fracture
zones are all mapped in great detail. Well, once you have defined the
boundary of oceanic crust, you can fit the continents together like a jigsaw
puzzle so that not even a chink shows. There's just not room for Atlantis
anywhere in the Atlantic. There are few sites anywhere where you could hide
a sizable continent. Of course you could place Atlantis on Crete - but it
hardly fits the description in the Mahatma letters.

Regarding the general sinking and uplifting of continents. Continental crust
just doesn't founder and sink -- it is very buoyant, which is why it is not
genrally found in depths of more than 2 km of water. One last attempt to
sink a continet was when the Indian plate smashed into the Asian plate  ---
the result were the Himalyas.  Given what we now know about these things,
it's hard to believe the scenario of continents rising from under the water
and falling - a concept popular in 19th century geology. Yes -- the level of
the ocean does change -- cyclically, we know that. But that's a global effect.

The fact that the Mahatma letters echo so much of 19th century science
argues against them having been written by Masters -- who ought to know
better. If a writer of these letters is castigating Sinnett and contemporary
scientists for THEIR poor understanding of science, then if he is a Master,
you'd think he ought to know. If on the otherhand, what he writes turns out
to be  bullshit, then chances are he isn't a Master. 

Paul K.


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