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Re: Mahatma letters

Jul 23, 1996 00:05 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Paul J:

[writing to Paul K]

>> 1. Atlantis? A very popular 19th century idea. It just doesn't exist. I
>> challenge anyone to take the latest satellite pictures of the Earth's oceans
>> and find me Atlantis or where it was in the Eocene or Miocene. One of the
>> latest ideas is that Atlantis is actually Antartica. That's quite a long way
>> off - and it didn't submerge in the Miocene.
>No continent could have been in the Atlantic, but what about a
>lost civilization in the Azores, Canaries, Madeiras that would
>account for Plato's legend?

Before I would comment on this, I'd want to go back to some maps showing
continental drift, to see if there was a continent a few million years
back where the Atlantic ocean can now be found. If these changes happen
over vast ages, it does not necessarily have to be a "rising" or "sinking"
of continents. 

What's Cayce's slant on this?

-- Eldon

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