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Jul 21, 1996 12:26 PM
by Bee Brown

m.k. ramadoss wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, Bjorn Roxendal wrote:
> > I think the idea of putting a lot of  Theosophical books on the net is
> a very good one, preferably with the  addition of modern commentaries. I
> am scanning the one Ramadoss sent me  (Man's Life in three Worlds, by
> AB). I can email it to anyone, or maybe  I'll just put it in my web
> directory for now. >
> Bjorn:
> Please send it to John E Mead, the owner of theos-xxx and he will put it
> u for anyone to get it using get command. That way we will have the
> materials in one place.
>         ...dossSorry to be a pest,but I wonder if someone can give me a bit of computer 
advice. I have just downloaded some Vitvan articles into my Word 6 and find 
that the Autobiography is 57 pages long. Now the problem with e-mail and WWW 
articles is that the lines only cover 3/4 of the page and so waste a lot of 
paper when printed out. I know how to spread the lines from margin to margin 
via the replace function but that is paragraph by paragraph and for 57 pages 
will take ages. Is there an easier way to format articles to cover the whole 
page? I can get some messy articles from WWW by the time I look at them in 
Many thanks.

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