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Re: There *is* a TS yoga - to Maxim

Jul 21, 1996 11:34 AM
by Martin_Euser


Max>I belong to the school of thought in theosophy that believes that first 
things should come first.

	A very fine principle indeed. BTW, is there a name for that school
of thought?

Max> First contact with one's Higher Self, and 
then--as a natural outcome of the contact--a lot of wonderful things like 
intuition, siddhis, and so forth.

	Sure. And how to make this contact? 
Meditation techniques, exercises, etc. are just a *means* to
channel the energies from the spiritual. I'm *not* talking about siddhis,
I'm talking about directing the mind to the noetic plane or sphere
and channel some energy into the system.
Why do you think Blavatsky (& others) gave meditation techniques
to her students? Because they were perfect channels for the Self?
No, of course not. Blavatsky herself has stated that she needed help
from the Masters to find the 'I Am', the Christ energy, the Buddhic
level. So, I disagree that it is as easy to contact the Higher Self on a
self-conscious basis as you seem to suggest.

Max>So for me and for some others in the theosophical movement the main 
criterion to judge wheter or not a TS yoga exists, is to see if 
theosophy offers any means of making the contact. 

	Well, does it offer any means in your experience?
And what are those means?

Max>This perspective on TS yoga elevates the whole issue to the level where 
it properly belongs.

	Max: it belongs on the noetic plane, for sure.
But people are not pure channels through which the flow of Life streams
undefiled. People can purify themselves through their way of life
(motive is all important) and meditation techniques can be helpful
to some. People have all kinds of blockages and meditation exercises
can help them to become aware of them and do something on that, release
some blockages. Working in groups will have all kinds of effects too..
BTW, the idea of purifying is not to become perfect, but rather:
whole, integrated, etc.

Maybe I missed something in your posting. If so, please elucidate.


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