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Jul 21, 1996 07:17 AM
by Bjorn Roxendal

>url is
>You can also get it fron vnet where John E Mead had go it in ASCII.
>If you download from upanet.... then you will get files with HTML 
>commands inserted and you need to convert it to ASCII. 

HTML does it just fine.

I think the idea of putting a lot of Theosophical books on the net is a very good one, preferably with the addition of modern commentaries. I am scanning the one Ramadoss sent me (Man's Life in three Worlds, by AB). I can email it to anyone, or maybe I'll just put it in my web directory for now. 

Is any of you Theosophical experts/writers willing to write some commentaries to VOS, Key to Theosophy or other early books? Alan, how is that web site coming along?


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