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Occult Chemistry

Jul 21, 1996 06:50 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 22:28:18 +0300
>From: Kay Ziatz <>
>Reply-To: Kay Ziatz <>
>Subject: Occult Chemistry
>     Hello!
>L> there are 3 editions of "Occult Chemistry".
> Indeed. But I didn't know that they differ in size. Last edition
>by J. is completely revised, so I wouldn't trust him much - he
>wasn't a clairvoyant, afaik.
>L> I'll send you something else theosophical which you can use.
> Well. Btw, I'm planning to send you more cassetes - with ukrainian
>music & more jazz. 1 or 2 things on the cassete you already received
>are american - western music widely performed in USSR till the late
>L> Is jazz being composed in Russia now?
> Yes, but this nowdays' jazz is worse from my point of view.
>It's "experimental" & "avanteguard". Our most talented contemporary
>composer Kuroehin (note o umlaut here) died recently from heart attack.
>I've included to next cassete I planning to send some pieces of music
>recorded in 60-70s. But now, last 10 years, our jazz & rock music (and
>most other arts) are in stagnation. Artists & musicians themselves don't
>think so, but it's my "consumer's" point of view. I myslelf prefer rock
>music of 60s-70s & jazz of 20s-50s (i.e. Lunceford, British dance orches-
>tras like Gibbons' & Ambrose's, etc.)
>L> may play the Jazz tape to some of the old ladies here. They'd love it.
>BTW, there's a special corporation in England which specializes
>in old jazz music.
> Conifer ltd., Horton Road, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 8JL UK.
> Ph. (0895) 447707
>They traded by mail (but my info is for 1988).
>Anyway, maybe yr. friends will be interested.
>L> country (but me too, even though I'm older) talk about a goddess which 
>I've heard about this, but forgot the source.
>L> What town is your sister in.
> Lancing, Michigan.
>L> Does she like it here?
> Sometimes yes, sometimes no. She (and most other russians) dislike
>US meal products. Tomatoes, strawberry has no taste at all, she writes.
>Only "shelled" fruits i.e. oranges, bananas have satisfactory taste.
>Climat disturbs her, too. Too windy all the winter. She lived in
>Siberia before, where often happens a frost -30-40 C, but it doesn't
>affect as much as wet wind from lakes.
>L> of houses are ususally thin in this country. ometimes you can hear your
>L> neighbor's voices.
>Here it occures, too. But "capital" walls (i.e. external) are thick.
>They keep cool at summer without coolers.
>L> I can't tell what I meant by that.
>L> Do you still have the whole sentence?
> >the mute button on the remote control. I've seen wriglery spearmint 
>?>advertising. Just now, ours on TV usually revolve around a set of twins, 
> >some reason. The big thing they advertise on our TV a lot right now are
>With best regards, Konstantin.

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