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Jul 20, 1996 10:49 PM
by mika perdld

Thanks Bee and Martin for your comments.

I am sure that there is lots of practises one could do for spiritual 
growth, but I do not think TS offers anything for me as a community where 
I could do these things together with others. I surely would need it for 
support and guidance. Alone its just drifting here and there.
I am not interested in any kind of seremonies which are often offered to 
me here (LCC and freemason and whatever costume party) and our Blavatsky 
Lodge members here tells me I should meditate 2 hours a day and tell the 
mind to shut up cause I should be the boss. What kind of advice is 
It seems (again) that if I want somethin new to happen around here I must 
do it myself. Probblem is who is going to teach ME first? Someone out of 
the TS I suppose.

By the way, I noticed that my use of finnish keyboard makes my messages 
look bit funny - must avoid some of the characters. And my surname is 
Perala (with dots onthe both of a-letters).

I would appreciate if you Martin would give some more information about 
that Vitvan fellow.


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