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Re: Answers ...

Jul 20, 1996 09:19 PM
by Bee Brown

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> In message <>, Bee Brown
> <> writes
> >I am concerned for these folk that come asking
> >and I have no real TS answer for them apart from suggesting a book or else
> >doing it my way which isn't guaranteed to be the answer either but I figure I
> >am at least trying.
> IMHO Bee, if you pass on to them the experience you have gained from
> doing it your way you can help them perhaps more than the books?  If
> they have a problem, you will probably have had it yourself, and can
> offer real help.

I do that if I am approached as Bee Brown but I think I have to be more 
careful as a member of the Lodge. It is not a big city that I live in and the 
spiritually interested people circulate around most of the groups in town and 
exchange gossip as well as advice. It wouldn't take long for other members of 
the Lodge to become aware that I have been dispensing 'theosophical advice' 
and what sort it is. This list showns just how hard it is to get Theosophists 
to agree on the teachings so I imagine the same will certainly apply to Lodge 
members too. If I hit on e.g. Raja-Yoga and draw up the relevant info on it 
and it becomes known in town that this is the Theosophical method and others 
come and request some teaching on it, I could be in deep mire because I know 
some of our members would be very upset. That is not how they see Theosophy. 
This is why I have asked about an official method approved off by TS to help 
accessing the higher self.
> Just my 2 cents (NZ) worth :-)
> Alan
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