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Re: Core teachings

Jul 16, 1996 09:27 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bee Brown
<> writes
>About a year ago I got tired of having to accept other 
>people's evaluation of the core teachings and so got into GdeP in the hope 
>that after reading him I might tackle the SD and get somewhere. I am enjoying 
>GdeP ver much and my view of my world and the universe has expanded and range 
>over millions of years. The impact on my own life has been to give the ego a 
>shake up and to see that my little self is very necessary yet not a big deal 
>in the scheme of things.

Hi, Bee,

For what it's worth my 2 cents' worth of encouragement says the same
thing, and from the 19th century theosophical source materials I have
been led to a similar wider perception of things than ever I did or
could have before.

> I have learned the reasons for the moral and ethical 
>teachings in the various systems that before seemed a good way to regulate 
>social relations but now I can see deeper into the whys of some of these 
>things. To practice them in my life is easier once I see the rationale for 
>doing so and not just because everyone recommends such behaviour for 
>spiritual growth. I have developed a fascination for the anthropogenesis of 
>the SD through GdeP and so I am reading him, Barborka and the SD.

I nenver ead GdeP, and I have some Barborka awaiting time <g> on my
shelf, but I *have* read most of the SD, all of ISIS and much more
(boast, boast) and I am glad to have done so.
>Now where, oh where is there a place where I might discuss these ideas and so 
>understand them better? By the looks of it, nowhere.

It seems that discussion on the lists leads mostly to arguments about
whose view is "best" - which does no one much good, although sometimes I
have found a small this or that to think about among the verbiage.

>Once I have grasped a asprct to my satisfaction I move my enthusiasm to 
>another so I have no idea where my quest will go next. It seems that neither 
>of the lists want to discuss the deeper aspects of the core teachings.

How true this has been for me as well.  I doubt if you will get too far
trying to engage in *general* discussion on any theos list, and yet I
found echoes of my past in *this* post of *yours* - so it must have done
me some good! :-)

I suggest you might get a better in depth discussion field (so to speak)
by talking to individual people you meet here individually via private
posts to their e-mail addresses, and you get on with them well enough to
make useful conversation and dialogue. I for one would be pleased to
talk with you in this way,


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