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Re: Core teachings

Jul 16, 1996 09:32 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Bee Brown:
> I must have missed something as I cannot remember getting such a message.

Just yesterday in one case, and a couple of days before in the
other.  But in general-- I'm as guilty of this as anyone-- we
tend not to be sensitive to disparaging remarks made against
"them" as we are to those against "us."  Maybe we have all just
been through some wonderful sensitivity training, though.  

> taeaching that cropped up at times. I thought it was possible to have more 
> than one thread running side by side and the boring ones will get ignored by 
> anyone not interested in them.

We should certainly be able to do that.  Live and let live does
not seem to have ever been adopted as a motto in Theosophical
circles; people seem compelled to put down others with
different interests.

> discussing the core teachings and related matters. Even a recent brief chat 
> by myself and two others on 'sishtas' got a BORING response by other 
> participants. What can be discussed then? We are all so different that surely 
> several discussions can run at the same time without some listers getting 
> crabby.
If more than two people are interested in a subject, then no
matter who finds it boring it belongs on the list.  If only two
are interested, they should perhaps take it to email.  If only
one is interested, the thread dies a natural death.
> enlightenment from what ever suits them. Yet I understand that HPB was the 
> disseminater of the age old wisdom into this era, restating what has always 
> been known from time immemorial. It seems sensible to some to get their facts 
> from the horse's mouth, so to speak rather than someone elses' interpretation 
> of HPB.

I agree with you on all but the definite articles.  To say that
HPB was *a* disseminator of *some* age old wisdom is
indisputably correct.  *The* disseminator of *the* wisdom
smacks of exclusivism and is also historically inaccurate--
there are many disseminators and many wisdoms.  HPB may be
one's favorite, but there is a "cloud of witnesses."

> spiritual growth. I have developed a fascination for the anthropogenesis of 
> the SD through GdeP and so I am reading him, Barborka and the SD. 
> Now where, oh where is there a place where I might discuss these ideas and so 
> understand them better? By the looks of it, nowhere.

Has anyone recommended to you the correspondence study program
that TS-Pasadena operates by email?  I don't know the details,
but the address is and Nancy Coker is one of
the Pasadena HQ people involved.  As best I recall Nancy does
not have interest in SD anthropogenesis but Pasadena is probably
the world's largest collection of people who do.  Maybe someone
there could be helpful.

> I don't see the problem as core versus others. When I first got on to the 
> list I too was guilty of crying BORING when Eldon and some others discussed 
> hard things but after a bit I realised that there should be a place for 
> everyone here without getting hassled for 'wrong thinking'. That is why I got 
> into strife with Alexis because I think we should at least respect each other 
> and each others views. Over time many views change and what we think today 
> may not be what we think next year.

Or even tomorrow!  Well said, sister.


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