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Re: Core teachings

Jul 17, 1996 00:51 AM
by Bee Brown

K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> According to Bee Brown:
> >
> > I must have missed something as I cannot remember getting such a message.
> Just yesterday in one case, and a couple of days before in the
> other.  But in general-- I'm as guilty of this as anyone-- we
> tend not to be sensitive to disparaging remarks made against
> "them" as we are to those against "us."  Maybe we have all just
> been through some wonderful sensitivity training, though.

I don't have 'them' and 'us' in my world if I can help it. I find that I have 
better control of my emotional body and less buttons that can be pushed if I 
arrange my reality as far as possible to acknowledge the best in people 
initially and if that fails, I try to be understanding which doesn't always 
work but at least I am trying.

> > enlightenment from what ever suits them. Yet I understand that HPB was the disseminater of the age old wisdom into this era, restating what has 
always >been known from time immemorial. It seems sensible to some to get 
their facts> > from the horse's mouth, so to speak rather than someone elses' 
interpretation> > of HPB.
> I agree with you on all but the definite articles.  To say that
> HPB was *a* disseminator of *some* age old wisdom is
> indisputably correct.  *The* disseminator of *the* wisdom
> smacks of exclusivism and is also historically inaccurate--
> there are many disseminators and many wisdoms.  HPB may be
> one's favorite, but there is a "cloud of witnesses."

You are quite right. That was mis-statement and I stand corrected.
> Has anyone recommended to you the correspondence study program
> that TS-Pasadena operates by email?  I don't know the details,
> but the address is and Nancy Coker is one of
> the Pasadena HQ people involved.  As best I recall Nancy does
> not have interest in SD anthropogenesis but Pasadena is probably
> the world's largest collection of people who do.  Maybe someone
> there could be helpful.

Thank you. It may be worth an enquiry to see what is on offer.
> > I don't see the problem as core versus others. When I first got on to the
> > list I too was guilty of crying BORING when Eldon and some others discussed
> > hard things but after a bit I realised that there should be a place for
> > everyone here without getting hassled for 'wrong thinking'. That is why I got
> > into strife with Alexis because I think we should at least respect each other
> > and each others views. Over time many views change and what we think today
> > may not be what we think next year.
> Or even tomorrow!  Well said, sister.
> Cheers
> PJDitto

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