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Prophency and Krishnamurti

Jul 15, 1996 09:31 AM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz
Subject: Prophecy and Krishnamurti



>last quarter of this century, based on what she stated, it appears that JK's
>role seems to fit. As for timing, even though he made his famous "Truth is a
>Pathless Land" statement and that Truth cannot be put in a box in twenties,
>his was very active in sixties onwards. Much of the current publications and

     I've seen several photographs of Krishnamurti  made  from
his childhood till his death. And it seems to me that his face
in in these periods looks quite different.  Shape may mislead,
of cource,  but  in case of the _same_ man it should be useful
to analyse it.  In early photographs,  taken in his childhood,
Krishnamurti seems  to  have  some inspiration,  in the age of
30 - 50 he looks like an ordinary man, but when he became old,
he began to remind "original" Krishnamurti of 1910's.
     It should be noted that I have only limited  set  of  his
photograps, but many of you probably have more photos & videos
and even seen him "live",  so you can easily approve or refute
my observation.
     Maybe he lost connection with a higher self and later re-
established it?

     I've read  here  some criticizm  that T.S.  publishes too
much biographies & memoirs on history of T.S.  Maybe we  could
gain some meaning from them, if we suppose that all history of
T.S. should be understood "esoterically",  i.e. TS leaders re-
present principles of man, and Krishnamurti represents Buddhi,
or Christ in man.  CWL may represent Kama,  an AB - Manas.  So
this story shows that if Christ be even born, he can leave the
personality if attitude to him is wrong, and after that Kama &
Manas dissolve and personality die :)

I afraid that we couldn't revive T.S.  till "mistery of Krish-
namurti" solution.

W/best regards, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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